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Duran Duran - From Past To Present

  When people mention music of the 80's, there is one band name that almost always comes to mind-Duran Duran. Although the band has enjoyed success over nearly three decades, they are still referred to as an 80's band due much in part to the success of their catchy singles and colorful music videos. Boasting chart-topping singles such as "Hungry like the Wolf", Duran Duran has sold over 70 million records across the globe.

 Keyboardist John Taylor and Nick Rhodes formed the band hoping to encompass the energy of the Sex Pistols while still incorporating elegance and dance grooves. At a party, they met up with Roger Taylor who was to become their drummer. Andy Taylor responded to a band audition and bagged the gig for lead guitar while John Taylor moved to bass. A former girlfriend of a band member began singing the praises of Simon Le Bon. Pretty soon, the band booked him as their lead vocalist. It was the beginning of a story that would take five band members on a road to fame as they paved their path through music history.
  It was not an overnight success story for the five talented men who had such contagious tunes and a distinct sense of style. The fact that each of the young men was startling good looking certainly did not hurt their cause. As their popularity mounted, they found their faces splashed across the pages of glossy teen magazines. This exposure was probably one of the main reasons their career suddenly skyrocketed, taking them quickly to the top. Throughout the 80's, Duran Duran treated us to chart-topping hits.

  By the 1990's, music trends were changing. Band members had pursued side projects in the previous years, and they saw that Duran Duran's success had begun to wane. There is no denying that the band has seen its series of changes. Unlike some bands that have broken up entirely, Duran Duran never totally disbanded. Rocked by several line-up changes throughout the years, it was not until the early 2000's that Duran Duran really piqued media interest when the core five members reunited to delight of fans. In 2004, they released the long-awaited Astronaut, but fans were disappointed to see Andy Taylor quit the band in October of 2006.

 Although Taylor's departure undoubtedly left its mark on the band, they are continuing to record their new album. Although the album is not expected to be released until mid 2007, fans and critics are already buzzing about what is coming next from one of the world's most talked about bands.

  In an era where music evolves from year to year, music enthusiasts have watched bands break apart often. As new artists appear on the scene, listeners are often skeptical that their newfound success will last. Today's headliners are often yesterday's news. So what is it about a band like Duran Duran that makes them weather the rocky times, stick together, and ultimately continue to do what they love doing? Fans say there is something about the passion in their music that is almost contagious. You can't help but singing along. From the looks of things, we'll be hearing a lot more from these talented guys in the future.

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