Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Band that Rocked the World

Progressive rock music first came to life in the 1960s, as an electric, ambitious and imposing rock music style and in less than a decade, the whole world embraced this form of rock. Although the 197's were considered the best years of progressive rock music, this type of music has not died, and to this day people fill stadiums to listen to progressive rock bands. This form of rock started in England and soon conquered the whole of Europe with its grandiose style, influenced by jazz or classical music.
Rush and Kansas where the first two bands that adopted the European rock style and brought it to America, where rock was mainly influenced by country or rhythm and blues music. Rush is a Canadian band formed in the 1968 in Toronto, Ontario. After its birth, this progressive rock music band was faced with many challenges until the year 1974, when it finally achieved its definitive form. Rush embraced the progressive rock style and took it to another level, due to its members' instrumental skills, eclectic motifs and complex compositions. The three band members, Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart, began by playing heavy metal that was inspired by blues and moved on to encompassing modern rock or hard rock, until they have established their own form of progressive rock music.
Rush was not only a great example of progressive rock music, but also an model for many other artists. This progressive rock band has influenced many great artists, such as The Smashing Pumpkins or Metallica, and they have also paved the way for progressive metal bands such as Dream Theatre. Rush have incorporated many music styles in their songs and, with every album, they have grown and evolved as a band. The rough times they have gone through at the beginning of their career only made it possible for this band to be where it is today, promoting their nineteenth album, Snakes & Arrows, released in 2007.
Progressive rock music is fortunate to have known a band such as Rush. Since 1974, when the band released its first album, called Rush, they have managed to release no less than twenty-four gold records and fourteen platinum records, placing the band on the fifth place in the top of the consecutive gold records by a rock band. However, for Rush, gold or platinum albums are not enough, for they care a lot about the message they are sending out there, as well as about their fans. The live performances that Rush gives are truly amazing, as this band accurately describes all the songs that they perform. On stage they recreate various sounds through the use of digital samplers; they play their primary instrument and also trigger sounds with their available limbs, so every song they perform can be identical to the one on the album.
Since the year progressive rock music came to life, Rush has always found a way to deliver this form of rock to people's hearts, mixing various sounds and using eclectic lyrical motifs, but always staying true to rock and what they believe in.

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