Monday, November 28, 2011

Five Best Music Logo Designs - How These Bands Have Made History?

How have all the famous pop and rock bands come up with their monograms?

 A band can simply not survive without a symbol to represent them, a symbol that represents their faith, musical genre and distinctness.
 Let’s have a look how some of the famous music logo pictures and see what sets them apart from the crowd.

1. Guns And Roses: Their monogram consists of a yellow plate with two antique guns interlocked and two bright red roses on each side. The weeds from the roses are wrapped around the guns and flowers uniting the image. This is one of the smartest emblems of all time. The fact that the guns, which is a sign for aggression and violence and roses that are a sign for love, are placed in one platter makes the image more exciting. But our story doesn’t end there. If you look carefully, you will notice that the two barrels of the gun can be shaped into a pair of pants and a loop of weed on the upper part of the image make a shape like a human head. It looks as if a man is holding those two weapons.

2. Jamiroquai: Is there a feature that sets your group apart from the rest? Then why not use that in your group emblem like this one has? The lead singer of this musical crew is known to be a little eccentric and is infamous for wearing weird buffalo hats in the concerts. The pictogram is a silhouette of a man wearing a buffalo hat that symbolizes the lead singer.

3. Black Flag: If your band is named black flag, then why not create one? This is exactly what this crew did for their symbol. But instead of creating any ordinary black flag, they used four vertical bars placed at disarray. The purpose of the band and its emblem is easy. If the white flag signifies surrender, then the black flag means anarchism.

4. Scissor Sisters: If you’re trying to design your own music crew logo, then what can be easier than using the obvious band name images in the emblem as this band has done. But of course, it’s not always that simple. The image has to be simple enough to be memorable and should have a single image in focus which is what they have done. Their symbol consists of a pair of scissors with legs adorned with heels. The design is smart and easy to remember.

5. A Perfect Circle: Another great way to create music logo designs is to take what your troop name says and do the contrary. What can be more ironic that naming a band a perfect circle and then creating an image with anything but? Their group symbol consists of two crescents of different sizes facing each other making it a shape that is not a circle. The cleverness of the design sparks interest.

Hence, it is important to make good music that speaks to the world but it is even more important that your logo speaks the same language.

Author: Tammy Becker

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