Thursday, January 6, 2011

Genesis, Early Works

Originally, the band called Genesis was formed by Tony Banks and Peter Gabriel.They met Mike Rutherford and Anthony Phillips. Out of these teenage friendships and song writing partnerships a band called Genesis emerged.
In 1967, at the height of the psychedelic boom, they began recording together with Jonathan King the man who thought up their name, producer and pop star in waiting.It was ten years before they scored their first hit single.

 They performed awesome live shows which looked great - a riot of masks and weird costumes - but it cost next to nothing. "The challenge was to create something visually striking that was also cheap," Banks remembers, "which was a good discipline."

 By 1970 Genesis were making headway with their uniquely theatrical brand of progressive rock. A series of personnel changes introduced a new drummer, Phil Collins, and guitarist Steve Hackett. Gradually, the world started to prick up its ears. Mike Rutherford: "We've always gone down well in the big industrial cities of the East Coast and Mid West (America), maybe because of the element of fantasy and escapism in our shows."

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